The Role of the Water Treatment Consultant

The Water Treatment Consultant provides knowledge and expertise. Truly independent consulting does not offer to sell water treatment chemicals and does not compete with your vendor for your water treatment business.

An independent Water Treatment Consultant

  • Evaluates the operating parameters and existing conditions of each treated water system to determine the best approach to water treatment.
  • Writes a comprehensive specification that includes measurable performance objectives that allow the facility operator to obtain competitive prices while providing opportunities for the consideration of innovative or proprietary technologies.
  • Supports the facility personnel responsible for in-house monitoring to ensure that they are testing the necessary parameters and are properly equipped.
  • Reviews the performance of the vendor regularly to ensure that the vendor addresses any deficiencies promptly.
  • Ensures that both the client and water treatment vendor are working together in an effort to achieve continuous improvement in results and maintain a proactive approach.

The Benefits

By enlisting the help of an experienced, independent Water Treatment Consultant, facility owners and operators can increase the reliability and extend the life of critical heat-transfer systems. Over the long term, these benefits result in lower operating costs and reduced capital investment.

Achieving Balance
In the real world, financial concerns and time constraints work against the vendor and facility operator and their ability to ensure that the treated systems receive the protection that they require.

  • The value of water treatment services is often measured against the lowest price, rather than against the multi-million dollar infrastructure it is protecting.
  • The absence of a comprehensive water treatment specification, including realistic and measurable performance objectives, allows the vendor to define their own success.
  • Facility operators are asked to do more with less. Acute problems draw resources away from important but lower-profile concerns such as in-house monitoring of the water treatment program.

Why use a Consulting Service?

In an environment where savings are measured in pennies per square foot, a facility operator needs to know that he or she is obtaining the best value for every dollar spent on water treatment.

On the other hand, short-term savings on water treatment services can result in long-term problems that are expensive to correct. Most importantly, corrosion is an irreversible process that cannot be “undone”.

AWTC Water Treatment Consulting is uniquely qualified to help facility operators obtain the greatest value from their water treatment dollars while maintaining system reliability and integrity.