AWTC has been providing Legionella consulting, including testing and management plans for Cooling Towers since 1998. AWTC provides independent, non-biased recommendations and action plans for controlling Legionella in accordance with best practices and local, state and federal legislative requirements.

In 2016, following a severe outbreak in The Bronx in the summer of 2015, New York State and New York City issued regulations for Cooling Towers concerning the control of Legionella. The primary tool required by the legislation is the creation and successful implementation of the Cooling Tower Management Plan and Program (MPP). The MPP  is based on ASHRAE 188 (Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems).  NYC Local Law 77 stipulates additional required activities to be included in an MPP and is more detailed than NYS requirements.

With this increased regulatory vigilance, facility managers are increasingly challenged  to efficiently comply with the environmental monitoring and prevention activity required. The additional activities prescribed by the MPP are added an already over scheduled engineering staff. AWTC’s purpose is to assist in the ultimate goal: documented control of Legionella in cooling towers (and domestic hot water systems in health care facilities and soon, commercial buildings).

The following factors are listed by the CDC as primary considerations when choosing a consultant:

  • Level of experience
  • Laboratory expertise
  • Environmental risk assessment expertise
  • Remediation expertise
  • Knowledge of codes, standards, and regulations
  • Potential conflicts of interest

AWTC has extensive experience in building systems of all sizes and complexity which uniquely positions us to assist a range of clients. We do not sell water treatment products or equipment and we work for building owners exclusively to oversee the performance of the Water Treatment service company. We verify the scope of work is sufficient and is being implemented correctly to control Legionella and other biological growth.

AWTC has met the challenge of creating and implementing MPP’s to comply with Local Law 77 here in New York City. We have dealt successfully with the NYC Department of Health’s evolving interpretation and enforcement of the law. Since the requirements in the MPP lead to significant paperwork, which must be organized and archived correctly to avoid violations, AWTC now offers a full service compliance assistance program for this critical public health area.

AWTC anticipates the rules and regulations for cooling towers will propagate nationwide and we are positioned to support clients in any location in the United States. Contact us for an initial assessment.