The founders of AWTC Water Treatment Consulting (AWTC) recognized the need for an independent full-service consulting firm to provide unbiased information to facility owners and managers who rely on water treatment programs to control corrosion and fouling in critical heat-transfer systems.

Heat-transfer equipment plays a vital role in building heating and cooling. The care of aging infrastructure in existing buildings can be compromised by “bottom-line” pressure to squeeze savings from the water treatment budget. These competing directives drive the need for optimal performance from your  program. Vendors have responded with new chemistry and new technologies, some more successfully than others.

With substantial experience in water treatment and facility operations and maintenance, AWTC is uniquely qualified to service this market. The staff of AWTC has over 100 years of combined problem-solving experience in water treatment applications, including President and Founder Steve Beckenstein’s 35+ years in the field of design and implementation of water treatment programs.

Since 1998, AWTC has provided essential services to some of the best-known property management firms in the country, as well as health care facilities, data centers, museums and industrial complexes.

Part of AWTC’s success is due to its centrally-located offices and access to state-of-the-art laboratories. The corporate headquarters are located just outside of New York City and AWTC’s consultants are available to service clients nationwide.