ASSURE Dashboard Example

ASSURE uses Widget-based visualization of data

AWTC ASSURE – Legionella Compliance, Domestic Water Safety and Beyond

A Cloud Based Platform for Data Collection, Review and Presentation

AWTC’s web-based platform will provide clients with enhanced visibility into their domestic water safety and Legionella compliance programs, allowing for immediate early notification of potentially missed tasks and real-time deficiency alerts.

  • ASSURE provides options to add Domestic water (house tanks, distal taps, hot water heaters, etc), and other maintenance needs as tasks

Overview of Legionella Related Compliance Tasks Executed by AWTC:

  • On-boarding and support training
  • Access via confidential password link through AWTC website
  • Quarterly Sampling for Legionella and analysis by a NYC, ELAP certified lab-Chain of Custody as PDF delivered while onsite for sampling
  • Quarterly Cooling Tower Inspection- report delivered as PDF while onsite
  • Annual Certifications and MPP updates
  • Upload required data to NYS and NYC websites for the client
  • Support for Summons and Hearings
  • Monitor Compliance
  • Provide portal for engineer’s data entry via PC
  • Provide dedicated tablet for engineer’s monitoring and data entry (Option)
  • Utilize QSA scan code to update tasks and document AWTC site visits/inspections


  • Conduct inspections utilizing mobile devices, smart phones or tablets
  • Scheduling, activities and workflow appear on the device
  • Drop down menus contain preloaded options, responses and inputs
  • Photos maybe attached to alerts or inspection data
  • Real-time data collection eliminates paper
  • Barcoding increases efficiency and provides a location certain date/time stamp
  • Reduce errors and eliminate pencil-whipping
  • Instructions, information and procedures related to each task can be accessed on the handheld device


  • Access data, dashboards and reports from any computer or handheld device
  • Promote best practices and track KPI’s
  • Organize corrective actions with a closed loop follow-up system
  • Email alerts are triggered when issues remain unresolved
  • Reports and widgets are highly customizable and user friendly
  • Searchable database
  • Maintenance alerts


  • Share business intelligence and information throughout your organization
  • Management by exception capabilities for key stakeholders
  • Increase efficiency, go paperless (printer friendly reports, if hard copy is required)
  • Promotes continual process improvement
  • Search for archived information based on location, operator, date, type and a number of other fields
  • Access to the platform can be limited to a team members specific role or job description
  • Leadership can view and monitor national, regional and individual locations from a single dashboard or reporting suite

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