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COVID – 19
AWTC Supports Critical Building Needs
Pandemic Shelter-in-Place and Re-Occupation Planning

This year we have been thrust into a new paradigm of water management with added emphasis on personal safety and validation of building water system conditions. Health concerns affecting water management have both immediate and long-term components, namely re-occupancy and building operations under reduced use loads.

AWTC has adapted our service to abide by social distancing and other safety precautions as recommended by government agencies. Where feasible, remote sampling of building water systems is performed by on-site personnel utilizing water sampling kits provided by AWTC with detailed instruction and live, remote support.

Building Re-occupancy planning should include domestic water systems, decorative fountains and cooling towers as detailed by the CDC

Guidance for Reopening Buildings After Prolonged Shutdown or Reduced Operation

AWTC can assist by providing ongoing support as your facility ramps up occupancy:

1) Create a re-occupancy water sampling plan and provide certified laboratory analysis

  • Review riser and piping diagrams
  • Identify low flow or stagnant areas and
  • Advise on flushing protocols
  • Identify representative water sample points
  • Issue a detailed report for validation of conditions

2) Develop and support an ongoing Water Safety Management Plan

3) Implement AWTC’s ASSURE mobile platform for Water Management