Convenient & Cost-Effective

Facility managers need to minimize expenses yet ensure that their water treatment program is effective. Often, budgets are not funded to allow for the water treatment vendor or a consultant to do necessary routine sampling to ensure that critical heat transfer equipment is being maintained properly and that corrosion and fouling are being controlled adequately.

AWTC customizes testing services to meet the specific needs of our clients and makes it available in a convenient, cost-effective way. AWTC provides chemical and biological testing services for all of your treated water systems, including system make-up, open condensers, chill, HW heating, secondary loops, steam boilers, condensate, feedwater, softeners and glycol-treated systems. The first step is to contact AWTC so that we can customize a testing program matched to the operating parameters of your treated water systems. AWTC will ship to you a custom-tailored sampling kit containing the appropriate containers for each system to be sampled, detailed sampling instructions and a system survey. Automated quarterly or even monthly sampling programs can be provided.

A typical analytical profile includes corrosion inhibitors, metals, anions, physical parameters and total bacteria. The glycol profile includes glycol concentration, reserve alkalinity, freeze/burst points and common contaminants.

We will analyze your samples and return  a report  showing how your system compares to the site-specific control limits and ranges you have provided, and/or to the limits and ranges typically used by AWTC.

Specialized analyses are also available, including:

  • Particle count and size distribution via laser particle count analysis.
  • Bacteria associated with microbially-influenced corrosion (MIC), including sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) and iron-related bacteria (IRB)
  • Water-formed deposit analysis
  • Photo-microscopy
  • Fire protection system water chemistry and biological analyses